Huawei Quidway Switch S9306P1 LE0BS9306P1 Overview • S9306 POE Chassis • Modular Switch support 6 slots • Backplane Capacity: 6Tbps • Switching Capacity: 2T/5.12T • Throughput: 1152Mpps/2880Mpps • Carrier-Level High Availability • Advanced Switching Architecture • Improved QoS Mechanism

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Backplane capacity 6 Tbps
Switching capacity 2 T/5.12 T
Throughput 1152 Mpps/ 2880Mpps
LPU slots 6
VLAN Supports access, trunk, and hybrid VLAN.
Supports the default VLAN.
Supports VLAN switching.
Supports QinQ and selective QinQ.
Supports dynamic VLAN allocation based on MAC.
MAC address Supports dynamic learning and aging of MAC addresses.
Supports static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries.
Filters packets based on source MAC addresses.
Restricts MAC address learning based on ports and VLANs.
STP Supports STP, RSTP, and MSTP.
Supports BPDU protection, root protection, and loop protection.
Supports BPDU tunnels.
IP routing Supports IPv4 routing protocols, such as RIP, OSPF, BGP, and IS-IS.
Supports IPv6 routing protocols, such as RIPng , OSPFv3, ISISv6, and BGPv4.
Multicast Supports IGMP v1/v2/v3 and IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping.
Supports PIM DM, PIM SM and PIM SSM
Supports MSDP and MBGP.
Supports prompt leave of multicast members.
Supports multicast traffic control.
Supports the multicast querier.
Supports suppression on multicast packets.
Supports multicast CAC.
Supports multicast ACL.
MPLS Supports basic MPLS functions.
Supports MPLS OAM.
Supports MPLS TE.
Reliability Supports LACP and Enhanced-Trunk.
Supports VRRP and BFD for VRRP.
Supports BFD for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, and Static routing.
Supports NSF and GR for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and LDP.
Supports TE FRR and IP FRR.
Supports Ethernet OAM (802.3ah and 802.1ag).
Supports ITU-Y.1731.
Supports DLDP.
Supports ISSU.
Supports CSS.
QoS Supports traffic classification based on the Layer-2 header, Layer-3 information, Layer-4 information, and 802.1p priority.
Supports the actions of ACL, CAR, re-mark, and schedule.
Supports the queue scheduling algorithms of PQ, WRR, DRR, PQ+WRR, and PQ+DRR.
Supports the congestion avoidance mechanisms such as WRED and tail drop.
Supports H-QoS.
Supports traffic shaping.
EPON OLT Supports IEEE 802.3ah.
Supports DBA.
Limit of ONU both downstream and upstream bandwidth.
Loopback test of ONU.
Configuration and maintenance Supports Console, Telnet, and SSH terminals.
Supports the network management protocols, such as SNMPv1/v2/v3.
Supports file uploading and downloading through FTP and TFTP.
Supports BootROM upgrade and remote upgrade.
Supports hot patches.
Supports user operation logs.
Security and management Supports 802.1x authentication and portal authentication.
Supports NAC.
Supports RADIUS and HWTACACS authentication for login users.
Provides hierarchical protection for commands to prevent unauthorized
users from accessing the equipment.
Defends against DoS attack, TCP SYN Flood attack, UDP Flood attack,
broadcast storm, and heavy traffic attack.
Provides 1K CPU queues for CPU protection.
Supports the ping and tracert functions based on ICMP packets.
Supports RMON.
Service function Supports Firewall.
Supports NAT.
Supports Netstream.
Supports IPSec.
Supports Load Balance.
Supports WLAN AC.
Energy management Supports IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet.
Chassis dimensions (width x depth x height) 442×476×442
Chassis weight <30Kg
Working voltage DC: –38.4V to –72V
AC: 90V to 290V
Chassis power supply capability 1600W
Chassis POE power supply capability 8800W